Covenant Home Phonics Lesson Plans Covenant Home Phonics Lesson Plans
Covenant Home Phonics Lesson Plans

Phonics Lesson Plans

lesson plans for phonicsTeaching a child to read is a most rewarding and exciting experience when using Covenant Home’s excellent materials and easy-to-use Day-by-Day phonics lesson plans. What may seem a daunting challenge to some becomes a smooth, step-by-step process that the phonics planner has carefully mapped out for you.

Knowing what you should accomplish each day of the week, and being able to see, at a glance, which workbook pages, charts or flashcards will be used goes a long way toward maintaining a smooth and efficient homeschooling household. This is what your Day-by-Day phonics lesson plans will do. They will even give you advanced warning if photocopying is necessary or if you need to gather something to teach a particular concept.

lesson plans for phonicsClick here to find out more about our Day-by-Day phonics lessons plans or to order online.  

The phonics lesson plans contained in the Covenant Home Day-by-Day assign specific pages from the teacher’s text, Reading with Phonics. This excellent book tells you the exact words needed to teach each concept and points you to the appropriate pages in the student’s book for practice and drill. The text presents information and games for all types of learning styles – Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic. The phonics lesson plans integrate both phonics workbooks to the Reading with Phonics lessons, tells you which flashcards to drill and color and when to introduce each phonics chart. Most helpful at this level, the phonics lesson plans cue the teacher as to which exercises are to be graded and recorded and if they are to count as “tests.”

phonics lesson plans Many families report that the phonics lesson plans in the Day-by-Day keep them on track. They may alter them to fit their student or family need. They may eliminate an assignment, add something extra, or move at a different pace, but the planner is always a great help. Whatever the situation, the Day-by-Day planner makes it easy to see what has been accomplished and what remains.

Click here to learn more about the Day-by-Day phonics lesson plans or to place an order online. Or, contact us for more information about Christian homeschooling programs from Covenant Home.


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