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Covenant Home Homeschool Christian Curriculums

Classical Homeschool Christian Curriculums

Covenant Home offers classical homeschool Christian curriculums, allowing families like yours to reclaim your biblically based right and responsibility to educate your children. We at Covenant Home Curriculum are here to provide sound textual material on the “classical” model of education, friendly counsel and backup for busy moms and dads, and a full-service program for children in Kindergarten through the Twelfth grade.

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We Emphasize Classical Homeschool Christian Curriculums

homeschool curriculumGod created children with varying abilities and differing internal clocks. Like baking a wonderfully complicated pie, it matters when and how each ingredient is added. Therefore, we emphasize the classical approach in our Christian homeschooling curriculums.  

Our reasons for emphasis on the classical, Christian based approach to education are substantial. We are convinced that this methodology connects most effectively with the highest percentage of children.

The human mind develops in the three basic stages outlined by the classical pattern. Basic data is acquired on the elementary level. This includes phonics rules for reading and spelling, memorization of math facts along with Bible verses and other basic data. This process provides a primary bank of information for your young child. 

Stage two is the challenging and argumentative stage. This often begins in 5th or 6th grade, a time when ideas and data are tested, questioned and proved. The information bank is now put to use.

The 10th or 11th grade marks the stage called “rhetoric.” During this level the child has begun to solidify certain views as his own and should begin to be able to expound these views to others.

Emphasis on Classic Literature

classical homeschool curriculumIn addition, our classical homeschool Christian curriculum emphasizes the use of great classic literature as our foundational reading. These works of art are descriptive of and based upon standards that are the foundation of our lives. They deal with the real world, not a fantasy of unbelief and randomness. Moreover, the real classics use proper grammar, challenging vocabulary and teach worthwhile, moral lessons. 

With Latin, phonics, great literature and legends, we show families how to teach their kids on the old, proven classical pattern. Binding it together in all academic courses, are the classic creeds that we think most aptly set forth the Bible’s message. These include the great Calvinistic confessions and catechisms of the Reformation period of history.

Our staff of grade auditors stands ready with experience and know-how to help and encourage. They also assist our families with (HSP) - the homeschool procrastination virus.

We offer tailored programs for children who study their subjects on different levels, diagnostic testing when parents see the need, and many other important services. Our goal is to serve serious Christian families, of which we enroll many hundreds around the world.

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