Crysalis Children's Classic Series

Delightful stories, beautifully illustrated, these soft-bound books are a great way to build your classic library. (Approx. Grades 5–6)

CoverThe Railway Children, E. Nesbit   221 pages

No one who has read the Railway Children will forget the image of the three children on the railway bank, desperately waving scraps of red petticoat to warn the speeding train of the disaster ahead.  These stories have thrilled and amused generations of readers.  The book is illustrated with beautiful watercolor sketches.


Peter Pan and Wendy, J. M Barrie 172 pages

Ever since Peter Pan first flew in through Wendy Darling’s nursery window and took the three children to Neverland, J.M.Berrie’s captivating story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up has thrilled generations of young readers. The book is beautifully illustrated by Michael Foreman.





Little Women, Louisa May Alcott    285 pages

One of the best-loved tales in children’s literature, Miss Alcott’s vivid portrayal of four sisters growing up during the War Between the States is moving, humorous and unforgettable.  When you finish you will hope most of all for a sequel.


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