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SRA Language Roundup

With Language Roundup students can maneuver through the rough spots of writing, with tools they'll use for a lifetime.

Check out these key features of the program:
  • Our primary emphasis is on learning good grammar.
  • The consistent format of the Student Edition encourages students to test their understanding of grammar concepts and apply them to their own work.
  • Self-contained Lessons provide flexibility so you can cover topics based on your own personal teaching style and the needs of your student.
  • Students learn to edit and proofread, and they learn how language skills are essential for success in the real world.
  • The Writer's Handbook leads students step by step through the writing process.
  • The Teacher's Edition provides a variety of assessment options, which include standardized-format tests as well as writing prompts and rubrics.
  • Covenant Homeís Grammar Activity Booklet reinforces each concept by providing additional practice before moving to the next.
  • Keyed to the text and Grammar Activities, the CHC Grammar Handbook 5 lists all the rules covered in 5th grade in one place, for ease in study and review.
  • Level 5 covers all eight parts of speech; students research, plan, and write an expository report, a descriptive story, and a persuasive composition.

Testimonial: "Iíve been particularly pleased by [Covenant Homeís] grammar curriculum. I like the continuity of building on what the student did the previous year. I like the idea of my children knowing the mechanics of grammar usage and knowing why they do what they do. I like all the practice offered and the can-do spirit in which it is offered. Communication skills are important, and I want my children to use their words wisely and effectively." (L.S. - KS)

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