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SRA Language Roundup

With Language Roundup students can maneuver through the rough spots of writing, with tools they'll use for a lifetime.

Check out these key features of the program:
  • Our primary emphasis is on learning good grammar.
  • The consistent format of the Student Edition encourages students to test their understanding of grammar concepts and apply them to their own work.
  • Self-contained Lessons provide flexibility so you can cover topics based on your own personal teaching style and the needs of your student.
  • Students learn to edit and proofread, and they learn how language skills are essential for success in the real world.
  • The Writer's Handbook leads students step by step through the writing process.
  • The Teacher's Edition provides a variety of assessment options, which include standardized-format tests as well as writing prompts and rubrics.
  • Level 4 covers the parts of speech, sentences, capitalization, punctuation, word usage and more.

Testimonial: "As a very busy mother of six, I appreciate Covenant Home’s worksheets, tests, keys, and helps. CHC came highly recommended to me and I trust the company because it has proven itself to me." (M.S. - PA)

Another mother writes: "With the Grammar Activity booklet from CHC, the student in grades 3-5 learns and practices grammar rules on Scripture, hymns, classical literature, and biographies of great men and women. The student is not only grounded academically, but his spirit and mind are greatly enriched." (H.H. - MI)

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