Reading With Phonics
This is a classic phonics text. It equips you with the most outstanding and definitive model available for teaching children to read. It provides for your use all needed rules, lessons, drills, reviews, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (hands-on) exercises, memory work, tests and other helps.

Originally published in 1948 by the J.B. Lippincott Company, it has remained a highly respected standard among Christian Schools and private educators. Kindergarteners study the first half of the book; first graders complete the text after a thorough review of previously learned portions.


Testimonial: "One Covenant Home mother writes, "I knew nothing about phonics having learned to read with the see-say method. As a new homeschooler I needed all the help I could get to teach my children the skills to read and spell well. Imagine my delight with Reading with Phonics! Not only have my children excelled in reading, but my daughter, who had problems with the pronunciation of certain sounds, erased all signs of poor diction. This phonics program helped her learn how sounds were formed by tongue, teeth, and lips. She learned to hear and feel the sounds while learning the symbols for each letter. She never needed speech therapy. What a blessing." (D.B. - TN)

Testimonial: "Another mother said of the Reading with Phonics book, "I appreciate so much the activities appropriate for the visual, the auditory, and the kinesthetic learner, especially those in the phonics program teacherís guide."

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